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Legion Of Boom - Every Big Hit from Russ James on Vimeo.

Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, Byron Maxwell, Walter Thurmond, and Jeremy Lane all laying the BOOM.

The video is broken down into four sections…
0:41 - 1st section is decleaters and shoulder checks.
5:55 - 2nd section is profile tackles, hawk tackles, and spears.
9:42 - 3rd section is wrap-ups and hawk rolls.
11:25 - 4th section is body slams and some roughhousing.

Street Fighter Motion Sculptures from dantheadman on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching my animation! I did it in order to teach myself Cinema 4D and Vray in my spare time, the renders aren’t perfect but the best I could get out of my machine. While I setup up most of the geometry using tracers, Xpresso and Thinking Particles, I had some help along the way from the following great resources…
I edited the motion captures from this archive »> and used Microsoft Kinect for some parts aswell
I tweaked the character models from »>
Sound effects we’re mostly sourced from »>
And the music is obviously from Capcom’s Street Fighter 2, play it here »>

If you like this, then checkout the original & far superior Quayola and Memo ‘Forms’ »>



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